Online Life Coaching Services

If you’re struggling to find direction in your life, career, or relationships, Dr. Keshia M. Easterling at Prime Solutions Counseling offers online life coaching for your benefit. I am a licensed life coach, and I aim to help you take control of your life so that you feel prepared to direct your life path instead of wandering.

Online Life Path Coaching for Everyone

My life coaching services are available to people from all demographics and all walks of life. I conduct each session via HIPAA-compliant Telehealth appointments, which allows me to meet with you remotely and securely from wherever you live so that you can create your most comfortable setting for our life coaching sessions.

You will quickly find that I am warm, empathetic, and respectful as we discuss your concerns and experiences. I want you to be comfortable with me to the point that you feel that you can speak to me with the utmost honesty. When we share open communication, I’ll be in a better position to empower you to take the reins in your life.

I offer life coaching to assist with numerous facets of your life. While I can help you in a more general sense with personal development, I can also help you take control of specific areas of your life, from your career to your relationships.

As a veteran and woman of color, I am also poised to help you with certain specific concerns. Whether you are trying to establish your personal identity as a person of color in a multicultural world or as a woman in the modern age, I understand and I can help you form your self-image in a positive light. If you are a veteran adjusting to civilian life, I will walk you through that transition.

If you are interested in my life coaching services, I invite you to call me at 240-545-8293 or fill out my contact form.